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Online mental health counselling across the UK

With over 20 years of experience in mental health issues and treatment, I am a UK wide counsellor who can treat anyone from age ten upwards in a variety of areas and issues. Please contact me today to arrange your initial session.

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About Me

I know how hard it is to make the first step to make the first contact for counselling, because when we do it usually means we are going through a difficult time. This might be because of a situation, that has recently occurred or happened in the past, and/or thoughts and feelings we have about ourselves or others around us. You may have difficult emotions and symptoms to how we are feeling, such as lack of sleep, panic feelings, anxiety, low mood; the list goes on. Counselling will enable you to build the resilience and find the right tools for you to look at and overcome the difficulties you may face.

When working with you I will use the integrative approach which means I will focus on building a therapeutic relationship using empathy, genuineness and positive regard to build trust and respect. I use different methods as part of the integrative approach to counselling which involves looking at the past and childhood, the here and now and thoughts and behaviours, this is changeable depending on what you to achieve.

I am passionate about counselling and how I can support someone to gain the awareness and skills for themselves to face all of life’s ups and downs. I have worked with teenagers and adults for many years and have a good understanding of many mental health issues and the impacts this may have on individuals and the people around them. I embody the importance to be non-judgmental, honest and compassionate.

We all have the inner strength, sometimes it just takes some help to find it.

I currently hold my counselling certificate and I am fully insured with a valid DBS check. I am also ICO registered. Contact me today to arrange your free consultation or visit my homepage for more information about what issues I can help with.


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