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Online counselling across the UK

With over 20 years of experience in the mental health field, I offer online counselling to anyone in the UK aged 10 and above.


Areas I can support with:

If you are struggling with an issue that isn't listed, please contact me today to see how I can help.



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What to expect in counselling?

I will offer the first initial assessment for free; this will be a 30-minute phone call initially to talk and to get some basic
information, and to answer any questions you may have about the counselling.

On your first appointment, we will explore the reasons why you have decided to have counselling and work
collaboratively with what you would like to work on and formulate a way forward to achieve your goals.

I offer online counselling in various ways:

Webcam: The main platform I use is Microsoft Office Teams as I have been advised it is a safer option, but can also use Zoom, Skype, or WhatsApp. I will email you the information you will need to access the appointment and instructions on how to do so before your first appointment.


Email: I have a secure counselling email, which is on the website, which I will use. As with other forms of counselling you will need to book an appointment and the emails will take place in the 50-minute time slot. Because this method can have a slight time delay between responses, you may want to consider the other options especially if you are struggling or in crisis.

Telephone: This can be done via Zoom on a voice call or via telephone, I have a designated work phone which is pin protected and when not in use locked away. The call will take place in a quiet and confidential setting.

Please contact me today to arrange your initial consultation.


Contact me for your initial assessment.

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